About CDFA

CDFA is a nonprofit, transdenominational Christian fellowship formed in 1978. Our mission is "connecting dancers of faith in Australia"

CDFA exists

  • to share our experiences of using creative movement arts as an expression of our faith;
  • to encourage the use of creative movement arts to celebrate and explore life and worship;
  • to promote understanding of the history and theology of dance and movement in the church
  • to reach those outside the church with the message of the gospel presented through creative arts;
  • to encourage and train individuals and groups in dance and movement ministries;
  • to promote performances, conferences and other functions to further these aims.

CDFA Activities

We provide resources, training and fellowship to our members through conferences, performances, workshops and a magazine. Our members are available to lead or take part in church services and dance, youth,drama, mime or clowning workshops and other occasions. In CDFA, opportunities are provided for individuals and groups wanting to use their skills in performance, and also for people who are interested in being involved for their own growth and worship experience. We do not seek to glorify dance but to bring glory to God. In presentations people can see the truths of the gospel in action; in taking part themselves they find greater freedom, joy, understanding and health in their life and worship in the Lord.

CDFA Contacts

Postal Address for General Correspondence

CDFA National Co-ordinator
Alicia Harvie

PO Box 508

Postal Address for Membership enquiries and payments

Membership Secretary
Rozina Mison
PO Box 508

National Executive

National Coordinator: Alicia Harvie

Assistant National Coordinator: Ellen Avery

Membership Secretary: Rozina Mison

National Committee: Katrina Breuker, Peita Halter, Haylee Holliday, Rozina Mison, Meredith Thane, Hayley Thompson, Corrinne Urquhart.

State Contacts